• Management

    Trust or Not to Trust?

    We live in an uncertain world, but trust is needed for living a normal life and conducting everyday business tasks. This doesn’t mean that we trust everyone in the world, or even everything that we [....]
  • Management

    What Should We Know About Big Data?

    “Big data” refers to large volumes of data that are collected from both the inside and outside environments surrounding certain individuals and organizations. There is no clear definition of big data, except that it contains [....]
  • Management

    Being Responsible, Especially for Your Actions

    Responsible individuals seriously take on either assumed, inherited, or given (explicitly allocated) responsibility to accomplish a task, or to achieve broader goals or outcomes. They take responsibility for both their actions and the outcomes, whether [....]




  • Everyone is familiar with the saying that time is money. We understand the concept because of our learning experience during our first job. For most people, the first job during high school is one in [....]